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Hi everybody,
It's been a great year!
I hope you have enjoyed the adventure of using real English in Maths and that you have a good time this summer. I'll see you next year.

P.S Don't forget to practise if you can !

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Linear function

Properties of a Straight Line Graph

If y = m x is the equation of a function of proporcionality, what does m mean ?

Try to understand it with this link

This is a linear graph, but it's not a function of proporcionality

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Drawing graphs II

Q5.On sports day the first three in the 1 000 m race ran as shown in the graph below.

a) Wich runner, A, B or C, won the race?

b) How long did the winner take?

      1. Which runner kept up a steady speed?

d)What was that speed

      1. in m/min?

      2. In km /h ?

e) Which runner achieved the fastest speed and what was that speed?

Q6. Two cars start a journey a midday(1200) one travels from A to B, and the other from B to A. The distance between A and B is 80 km. The speed of the first car is 48 km/h and the other car B travels at 60 km /h

The graph below shows these journeys

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Volume of the cylinder

A hands-on activity to discover the formula for the volume of a cylinder. You will need clay, ruler and a newspaper.

Visualising formula for volume of cylinder-Clay activity

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Pythagoras'Theorem states that for all right-angled triangles, "The square on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides".

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Basic Geometry

The page I showed last Friday in the class room is Figures Speak Mathematics.Click here if you want to revise what we saw. I think the title is true,any figure speaks mathematics you only have to look at it carefully.

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Simultaneous Equations

Watch this video and listen to it carefuly. Solving two simultaneous linear equations is not difficult but you have to follow some steps. There are different methods,the following is known as Substitution method.

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Quadratic formula song

In the previous video you have watched an explanation of how to solve a second degree equation. Now, have some fun listening to a great song which will help you to remember the quadratic formula.
Click on the link and sing along!

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Introduction to equations

Follow the link and you'll find some explanations about how to solve equations

Mathfire Quiz

Alumnes de 1r i 2n d'ESO de la Secció Europea de l'IES Joan M. Thomàs participant en el primer Mathfire Quiz.

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These are some identities made by the students of 2nd ESO A

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Solving Problems

Check out this SlideShare Presentation: It's an easy word problem. Try to follow the steps one by one and repeat the process by solving the problems that you'll find at the end of the presentation.

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Mathematical pictures

Some mathematic-related pictures

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Do you want to watch a famous identity ? Play this game

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Revision for today Taking out common factors

You can find here three explanations Taking out common factors, Multiplying a number by a bracket and Multiplying two brackets

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En català un nombre cap-i-cua és aquell que es llegeix igual d'esquerra a dreta que de dreta a esquerra. Les paraules que tenen la mateixa propietat es diuen palíndroms,per exemple ama o ala. En anglès s'empra la mateixa paraula per els nombres i les lletres, es diuen palindromes, per exemple madam o nurses run.
Quants de nombres cap-i-cues hi ha menors que 500? Quants són nombres primers?
Si voleu podeu emprar la calculadora que hi ha al marge.

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Maths is fun

Watch this video and think about it. Who is right in this argument? What is the mistake?

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These are some instructions for doing a hands-on activity :
Take a piece of cardboard
Draw two squares of different sides a and b
Draw two identical rectangles, whose sides are a and b
Cut the four figures with a cutter or a pair of scissors.
Joining some pieces of cardboard, two, three or four of them write down formulas about the areas of the figures together.

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If you want to revise decimal numbers,integer numbers and fractions, go to this page.

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Do you want to revise algebra ? Follow the link above...
Per començar podem jugar i fer matemàtiques al mateix temps.

Pitja en aquest enllaç

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